Olympic Cast On and the rightful owner claims his Jaywalkers!

I am excited; the Olympics have started and I have my provisional cast on, cast on!

In the background is the TV with some model (I cannot remember her name) carrying the Italizn Flag in the Opening Ceremonies. NOTE the knitting just starting.

The knitting Olympics is such a fantastic idea and a tremendous way to inspire and enhance everyone's sense of country pride (in my case CANADA!!!). I just want to thank the Yarn Harlot for such an amazing concept.

I also want to give a shout out to J and and Rebecca for their idea of doing some handwarmers during the Olympics as well. I have some yarn and a pattern and will do the handwarmers after I finish my shrug. More updates on both of these later!

The Jaywalkers have been returned to their rightful owner, who after perusing my blog this morning was aghast to see his socks on his father!

I will NOT repeat what he said (no swearing but certainly indignant!). He did take my knitting Olympics Jersey and can be seen modelling my jersey and his socks (he did not pull them up as requested; as soon as he put them on this morning he shoved them down to the slouch position - okay, he pulled them up slightly for the picture and then pushed them back down - which makes me wonder why I didn't just knit ankle socks!).

He is totally excited about my knitting for the Olympics and pledges to knit during the next Olympics (he wants a jersey).

Last but not least, I got my yarn today for the Sockapaloooza so I can make socks for my sock pal (who for obvious security reasons I cannot name). It is beautiful (and particulary so snuggled up to the Olympic Jersey) yarn from Fleece Artist (Colour 977). I bought the yarn from Grand River Yarns; excellent and prompt service. I will not be starting my socks until after the Olympics - too much going on right now.


Samantha said...

Wicked awesome!! I cast on my 126 stitches during the first 5 minutes of the opening ceremony ... YAY!!

The jersey looks great! I sure wish I could have gotten one. Oh well.

Carole said...

OK - who's the secret sock pal? I wear a size 7 shoe!

I'm upto the toe of my sock and have to wait until the next class which doesn't happen until the 1st week of March. So, I put another sock on needles. Oh Cindy.......how much fun and so portable. Do you think that my Senior management team would mind if I knit in our meetings instead of taking notes? Maybe "career limiting", but worth the risk.

Hugs and kisses to my boys. XOXO