Twas the night before the Olympics and all through the house....

It's late and my lovely honey got home a little while ago, so I made him model the Jaywalkers! (I feel like it is an episode of Monster House and I am hammering DONE on the legs of the project!). We won't tell Nick that Daddy had his socks on first because he is sleeping and they are his socks but I wanted to post them tonight so that I can get ready for the Olympics tomorrow! The socks were interesting; the colour striping did not knit up evenly, not that you can immediately tell, they are so bright (okay I say garrish, Nick says bright). So being a little vexed that the colours weren't working out evenly I contemplated ripping them out so that I could fix the striping. Nick, in the wisdom of all twelve year olds says to me, "but Mom why would you want them even; they look so much cooler if they are different." Go figure.

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