Thank you Cindy!!!

This post is a shout out and a huge thank you to Cindy over at cindy@knittingpark.com for her generous assistance in helping me get my first two buttons on my blog! I literally couldn't have done it without her! I am in two KAL's - my first two ever (they felt daunting at first - us newbies can be easily intimidated by what all you experienced bloggers take for granted); the FLAK (still have to finish my swatches and block them) and the Jaywalker sock(ripped out my first one which was in Art Yarns Ultramerino 6 - not enough stretch, will use for another project, and have just started my new first one in Regia wide stripes). The problem is, having started this blog, I want to sit and play all day with my new toy! I am now inspired to figure out how to add different catagories and picture galleries and that kind of computer inspired knitting jazz! Thanks again Cindy for getting me started so well and in the right direction. You rock! P.S. Like the first name! Really resonates for me!

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