Insomnia...and who says Jaywalkers are just for adults!

So it's late, very late and like so many other nights I can't sleep. I have long given up trying to find ways to help myself fall asleep so now I just live like a vampire (not sucking blood, just staying up). It doesn't happen as much as it used to but there is no point in fighting it. I have watched a couple of movies; My Best Friend's Wedding (classic chick flick, easy on the brain), Bruce Almighty (not bad) and the Upside of Anger (pretty goodbut intense). Will probably watch a few more. Wish I had my Little Britain DVD (regifted my own property to a very good friend in need). I have to get another one! The upside of insomnia - it's quiet, I can keep knitting and watch movies I can't during the day and, I can keep knitting. Good thing I do not have to operate any heavy machinery tomorrow/today although there is the responsibility of making sure our little homeschooler gets a proper day of academic enrichment (Nick can probably teach me a thing or two these days - he is totally into the federal election and up on all relevant issues and each party's position - go figure!) Not being able to sleep has enabled me to make tremendous strides on the Jaywalker (see above). This sock is for Nick. It is made with Regia Wide Stripe and it certainly is different from all the handpainted Jaywalker socks I have seen(and if I knew how to connect that you could see them too! - actually you can click on the Jaywalker button - I will add this to my list on blogging things to learn). I do like how well the zig zag comes through. Nick is very excited although he has no idea how far I have progressed since he went to bed. Quotes from Nick: "This yarn is great and when I outgrow the socks you can have them," and "Why would anyone want wide stripes socks when they could have wide stripe Jaywalker socks." Gotta love that kid! He will be very excited as I should have this one done by tomorrow and probably finish the second one this week. I will be making my second pair of Jaywalkers from Socks that Rock Yarn (on it's way in the mail - yahoo!!!). I will learn how to put my photos into my text not just at the top or in clumps(note to self: add this to the list of learning blogger know how). On another note, I finally got an online comment - thank you Dawn!!! My first online comment; I am not a blogging virgin anymore. I think this deserves a reward and Dawn, you will get your reward some time this week. You rock girlfriend, and I just want you to think PINK (Dawn only thinks in pink so this won't be too hard!).


Sue said...

Hey girl!
When are you going to teach me about this blogging deal? I kinda like this! Love the socks in the photo (and worn by such a terrific kid :-D ) Gee! I bet jaywalkers would be a great addition to Ambrosia (that little store downtown beside the Post Office...you know the one!) I not sure, but, I think you may end up making a knitter out of me yet, Cin!
Who loves ya Chickie????...Me!

Cynthia said...

Thanks for the encouragement Sue. I could probably teach you the teeny tiny bit I know but I have to say that the blogging thing is definitely kind of fun but I have to learn more....in time!

Julie said...

Looking good so far. You are going to be surprised how much knitting you get done now. You want things finished so you can add pictures!!!