The Truth About Socks - Part One

I only started knitting socks so that I could master the use of double pointed needles. I saw dpn's as essential to my growth as a knitter (it was really so I could knit cuffs and then sleeves in the round in order to avoid sewing as much as possible) and I figured the only way to learn was by knitting socks. Socks are sneaky things; they have a way of creeping up and forcing you to love them, to become obssessed with them - they are so portable, easy to make and quick (which appeals to the immediate need for gratification in me) with almost no finishing required - something that those who know me know is really really important! I have come to needing to have a pair of socks on my needles all the time. Don't like metal needles, only use wood (not so slippery, hate when they break which is always in the middle of a row, never at the end)- don't like not having knitting in my hand, can knit even when my brain feels like mush - LOVE watching that heel appear. And it seems that no matter how difficult the pattern, knitting socks is like a little preview for the most complicated sweater you could ever knit, and while I hate to have to rip out a sweater, ripping out a sock is easy peasy. As a result; I have knit a few. There are socks that shock (above is Crusoe from Knitty Spring 2003 done in Koigu) and socks that awe. I am always on the prowl for patterns and new kinds of wool, there are so many of both. Nick likes bold and different socks so he is always a very good sock model, and, no matter how different, is always supportive of what is being knit up (probably because he figures if no one else will wear them, he will!). I like to have some fun with my knitting because it is too easy to take ones' self way too seriously in the knitting world. But the truth about socks: they own you!!

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