Knitting Under Blog Construction

Whew! I have a few projects on the go, have signed up for more than a couple of knitalongs and now I have my hands more than full...and my blog is under construction! I am trying to learn the lingo and I have nothing but admiration for all the blogs I read and who look so put together. My Fibromyalgia, CFS and lead poisoning definitely cause me to have cognitive fatigue and, when the learning curve is intense, as in learning the blog how to's, it definitely takes a little extra effort on my part. However, I did get some titles on the sidebar (yea!) and now I just have to implement information (still have so much to learn!). On the knitting end, I am trying to finish up two projects that don't really need much but I keep taking on these new projects and they keep getting put to the bottom of the pile. I want to finish them! First up is the Heartland Sweater from Heartland Sweaters by Jo Sharp, which is supposed to be for my niece Grace. During my last conversation with my brother Jamie, he said the kids would probably be more into hats and mitts so even though I am going to finish the sweater, it may not immediately have a home. The colour is Cyclamen(Jo Sharp DK) and it has knit up very bright and rich looking. I have really enjoyed knitting the sweater and because it is a kid's sweater it has knit up pretty quickly (with a huge hiatus in there of course). I only have a bit on the front and back to finish (I knit it in the round to the underarms); the sleeves are already done. Inches, only inches to go! The other project is the Four-Panel Jacket from Jamieson's Shetland Knitting Book 2. I am knitting it in Artic (Jamieson's Chunky Shetland) which is a nicely variegated combination of blue, creme and grey. My only ongoing anxiety about this sweater is the wool it is eating up as I knit it. Strangely, as I knit and worry that I won't have enough wool, I begin to find so many reasons not to knit it so that I won't run out of wool. Dumb and dumber! All I have left are one panel and a sleeve to do - enough already! And, while I seem to be able to post the photo of the actual sweater from the book, I cannot seem to load on the photos of my actual progress! I think my computer is possessed - slow tonight (it has only taken me 2 hours to get this done) and wierd. I am trying to be patient - arghhh!! Other knitting news..... I have my wool ordered for the Olympics and as soon as it gets here I will do a swatch (for training purposes only!). I still have to make my saddles for the FLAK and cast on the back (the newest post is up and there are those that are knitting away like wildfire). The second Jaywalker is on it's way and I am making progress on Stornoway ( I will post photos of these soon). This weekend I am going to the Winter Workshop put on by the DKC (Downtown Knit Collective in Toronto) with my awesome buddy Carole. Should be good; 2 classes on Saturday and 2 on Sunday - all very civilized; we don't start until 12:30 on Saturday. Will take my camera so I can report back. Oh, and did you notice I finally got the link thing (I know that for all you blog pros this is a no brainer)!!! The classes I am taking are Colour Placement and Focus on Embroidery with Fiona Ellis, Two-Faced Knitting with Diane Martin and Conquering Cables with Joan Kass. I have taken a lace course with Joan Kass, she was amazing; well organized in her knitting and teaching style. Thankfully I have almost no homework which is always a really good thing. I think I will be taking down more stuff to show Carole than I will need for my classes or for staying over! Oh the life of a knitter...

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Anonymous said...

Owesome weekend girlfriend!

It was great to see you (and Ed and Nick) this weekend. Since I'm back to work, time seems to just fly bye.

I was trully impressed with your recent "good buys" and was grateful that you actually lugged it all the way down.

By the way folks, Cindy brought down more yarn for show and tell, then she did anything else! I'm sure Ed had to control her, afterall, she was just coming down for one night.

Anyway, we had a great time together and actually got some knitting done too.

Talk soon........