I love the mailman!!!

I got something really lovely in the mail today - all the way from Australia! Wool, lots and lots of Jo Sharp DK. I ordered it from Ozeyarn at the end of December and it arrived today - I am thinking that this is pretty excellent service! The wool is for two projects; the Anjuli Jacket from Rudgyard Story and the Cactus Flower Coat (I got the pattern card with the kit and I don't know originally what book as I don't have it). All those skeins of yarn look so wonderful and they sent me this huge bag for free! I will take it with me this weekend, it will be perfect. So this was the highlight of my day; physically I am feeling like crap - joint pain, fatigue and lack on concentration. I am having trouble plugging information into the sidebar. Did my blog reads and was very excited but when I tried to input the places I shop everything got all messed up - I am assuming that it is probably some easily explainable formatting thing not the shopping gods! I do get frustrated at times like these because I know I can only do so much at one time; the fatigue is overwhelming. I am aware that all this blogging/computer time has had an impact on me and I will have to work on it in much smaller amounts. I was thinking of not going to my workshop this weekend because I am feeling so mentally fatigued and in pain, but I have paid for it and I am going to wait and see how I am tomorrow. The problem with Chronic Illness is how it really works to take over and change your life - finding the balance is a real trick and one I don't think I have figured out even after all these years (1o+). I have always felt that I should just keep pushing, I will outsmart it or get around it but it hasn't seemed to the trick yet. My awesome DH Ed keeps telling me and he is always far more observant about how I continually push myself (denial is good I tell myself because I don't want my illness to interfere with my life anymore than it already has) and the impact he has on me. Hopefully, one of these days I will get it - but I am actually hoping that I get better before that! I am going to work on my knitting and relax; much more beneficial for me.


Cynthia said...

Lovely yarn! Don't you just love getting this kind of great mail.

This is scary - I'm also a 45 yr old (the year of the Rat) Cynthia with a new knitting blog (although I'll be 46 very shortly).

Good luck on Stephanie's knitting Olympics. I've opted for the smaller - but still challenging - UFOlympics http://knitting.xaviermusketeer.com/ so I can finish one of my unfinished projects.

Good luck on all your endeavors!

Pink One said...

Finally other people to help me convince my son that knitting is an Olympic sport!!!

Keep on knitting and blogging.

Take care

Luv you

Pink One said...

By the way ... does Ed know about this thing with the mailman????

amanda said...

Lovely yarn! I think I actually have some of that in the stash that I found on sale at Webs last year.

Hope you are feeling well enough to enjoy your workshop =)

Rhonda said...

Excellent choice in yarn. One of my favorite designers so I'm a little biased. Enjoy.

Rebecca said...

I love getting yarn in the mail, too! How is the shipping rate from Austraila? I live in the states and I've only ordered from Canada.

Carole said...

I love the colors of the Jo Sharp!