Am I insane...I ask you am I insane????

I am seriously questioning myself....I know I, like so many other knitters, have these obssessive compulsive, enabling, impulsive qualities that allow us to buy so much wool (justifying the stash because we will knit it up one day), putting off necessary but boring details of day to day life because we need to get something started, more rows knit or finish (justifying our avoidant behaviour because the knitting is so much more accepting and unconditional) and overloading ourselves with projects (keeps us busy and out of trouble, but that is not true because we all have these ginormous stashes), as well as knowing how to do one or all of the following; crochet, quilting, cross stitch, beading, spinning, weaving, sewing.... I have to say that normally this doesn't bother me. In fact, being a knitter means I love all crafty type things and I think it is great that I can sublimate some of my problematic personality traits in a hobby (haha) that is so fulfilling (and goal oriented!). Blogging. Fits the needs of a knitter perfectly. Sharing, offering advice, showing techniques all good. I now have the glow of I could take on so many knit alongs, blogrings, groups, etc. that I could conceivably never log off or take time away from my needles! It is soooo inviting (addictive - there I am justifying myself again!). It is an easy addiction to succumb to and in the spirit of this newfound addiction I have joined a new KAL - the Knitting Olympics! This is the brain child of the harlot. Now I can say that I am such a newbie to the knit alongs (some blogs are involved in a lot, and do I mean a lot of knit alongs) that I have hardly scratched the surface but the odds are not looking good for me. I mean I have been blogging less than two weeks (that's less than 14 days) and here I am already listed with FOUR knit alongs (Jaywalkers, FLAK, 2000 Socks and now the Olympics); actually FIVE because I did sign up for Crossed in Translation but whoa I don't see myself starting that Cardigan any time soon (although you never know, I keep thinking about it). But it doesn't look good for me - in 6 months I may be signed up for twenty!!! And this will not leave me much time for that Blogging in a Snap Book and I need that knowledge. I need more time, more hours in the day and oh my god I am just a newbie!!!! Here I am freaking out in Ontario..good thing there is supposed to be a snow storm; perhaps we will be snowed in and I will get some serious down time. Back to the Olympics...I am going to knit the Viennese Shrug from the Summer 2005 Interweave Knits Mag. Not as ambitious as some of those on the list however I am also supposed to start chelation for my lead poisoning and I have to take into account any possible side effects (mostly fatigue). There aren't too many rules, most importantly; you can swatch but not start until the Olympics begin....knitters take your places please!!!!

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Pink One said...


Don't question yourself .... you, like me, are nuts. The fact that we know this is half the battle. Getting the rest of the world to accept the fact that we are nuts is the other half. But they don't need to accept it ..... we can be nuts together.

Keep on blogging, knitting, getting better, knitting, blogging, getting better, knitting ....