What a difference a day (or two) makes...

How to start...I finally finished my FLAK cable swatch - yea! and blocked it. The wool is Elann Peruvian and the finished feel is light, certainly not as heavy as say, a Rowan aran weight yarn. It does feel nice though. Now all I have to do is measure Ed so I can start with the "saddles." Of course, measuring Ed will be a feat because he has been pretty busy lately and not often at home and then when he is home I am not always feeling so good or I am really tired and then I don't feel like doing the measurements and the math blah, blah, blah.... My goal is to get them started and finished this weekend and then it will be onto the next step of the FLAK which is coming on Tuesday or thereabouts. I have been knitting the rib on the Stornoway. See the difference between the photo to the left and the photo below (I wish I could tell you that I just started it yesterday and then I would so look like the uber knitter but alas, this is the progress I have made since Tuesday). Still, I AM impressed with myself, casting on 356 stitches, getting the first round knit and joined with NO twists (which has certainly happened to me before) and then knitting, knitting, knitting my mega load of stitches on these teeny tiny needles (2.75mm) and 5ply skinny skinny yarn. You know how you feel; like you are knitting and knitting and after 3 hours you have half an inch! I have finished the rib and made the increases so the next step is increasing to the enormously large 3mm needles and starting the pattern. I will have to chart it out and I am going to place markers ahead of time because I have noticed that the pattern in Fishermen's Sweaters is missing a crucial part of the setting up of the charts initially although I should be able to figure it out using the photos. I did google for the errata but no luck. Soooo in this moment, and this moment only, I will be the uber knitter, averting disaster and disappointment, planning ahead and saving myself untold horrors! Let's hope it actually works out that well. I have also started the second sock of my first pair of Jaywalkers. I have to get them finished because my little pumpkin, a.k.a. Nick, has been bugging me to finish them so he can wear them. He is pretty excited at the prospect of some 'cool' socks. It will be good to have a bunch of small, simpler and more quickly finished projects (socks, hats, mitts, etc.) to give me relief for the projects I have planned this year, which mostly seem to be on small needles. When I figure out that sidebar thingy I do plan to put my Current Projects on the blog. Good way for me to keep track! I'll just have to get on that!

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