Two Lovely Things and Six Wierd Ones...

The mail was really good to me this week. I received squares for Warming Grace from Kelli Ann and from Rhonda. Thank you so very much!

When I opened the squares from Rhonda I found something else that made me feel so very very warm inside (and believe me I needed it - things have been pretty rough - I have no clue why I ever thought Chelation was going to be the easiest part of this thing...). Rhonda sent me one of her felted hearts!

Ed and Nick both came running (one of the cursed by products of living with someone who is chronically ill) because they thought something was wrong - I was just so excited....and oh so touched. Thank you soooo much Rhonda. You are so gracious and generous. Really.

I was seriously coveting those hearts. And I can honestly say having one in my hot little hands is so much better than looking at them through a computer screen. If you haven't seen them, you must go and check them out (there are a couple of posts with different ones) - Rhonda is a talented woman; really. The hearts are so lyrical and pastoral; they are really exquisite. I feel very blessed to be on the receiving end.....ah Rhonda, thanks again!

And, on the very same day Ed went to the post office to pick up a parcel. He didn't actually know it was for me; Nick saw who it was from and was keeping it close to his chest (the person in question has been a major sugar enabler of his....just sayin').

So surprise, surprise. A parcel from Amanda. For no reason. Crap. I was so overwhelmed (and okay I am so much better at giving than receiving).

The parcel had goodies for Nick (he was pretty pleased) and Ed (who is not swapping with Nick at all!) and two amazing things for me.

A container of Aromatherapy Bath Oils and a skein of yarn that Amanda spun. Herself. Just. For. Me. Like specifically with me in mind.

Crown Mountain Farms' "Do You Wanna Dance" colourway. It is fucking brilliant.

I can't wait to knit it up. I already have a pattern in mind. I was totally gobsmacked!

And touched. And speechless. What a wonderful thing to do Amanda. Thank you so much. I can't tell you how much it means to me.

Two so wonderful gifts on the same day. Unbelievable. My heart feels so full.

I must say that as a sick and woefully neglectful blogger these days I am so thankful for the opportunity that I, as a relatively isolated and 'stuck in my house' person, have had in meeting so many incredible people. Blogging has been such a gift to me - and certainly keeps me going during the bad times, as I think about being able to get back to it more actively when I am well.

And I will. Who knows when but I will.

Okay so I got tagged by Julie with the Six Wierd Things Meme. And, given that Julie got me into blogging (and because I don't want to be beaten by knitting needles) I am listing six wierd things about me.

Which I actually found quite hard - I don't think I am that wierd (and being sick curtails so many wierd behaviours I guess - I am so sheltered...ha!). I realize that there are several of you on the floor cramped up with laughter but seriously, I am not that wierd. Anyway, here goes:

Six Wierd Things about me

1. I can knit the magic loop from the toe up (figure 8 cast on) but not from the top down. I am not sure why and I have attempted it but I hate the little gap I continue to get so...toe up it will always be.

2. I cannot drink tap water. No way, no how. I hate the smell, particularly the chlorine (I am seriously smell sensitive....gasoline, cigarette smoke, the lotions, shampoo, conditioner, not to mention the colognes and/or perfumes people put on everyday). I don't drink pop or juice so if I can't get distilled or RO water I will go without...but that doesn't happen too much because I am always packin'.

3. I prefer pizza without the tomato sauce. I don't really like the tomato sauce; I love pizza with some garlic and herbs on the bottom, veggie toppings (mushrooms, onions and black olives or hot peppers, pineapple and onion - in case you are ever dropping by - hint hint blogless Carole) and cheese on top. It is really really good without the tomato sauce. LOVE. IT.

4. I can't stand - no pun intended - walking on crunchy snow. You know when it is really cold and the snow is hard. It is my nails on a chalkboard moment (which doesn't bother me at all BTW).

5. I don't really care for jewellry - I don't wear any. I have a wedding ring - don't wear it. Ed totally lucked out because I could care less if I ever had a diamond ring or any other kind of gem for that matter. Yarn - BRING IT ON! Jewellry - pass.

6. I seriously think this falls in the TMI catagory but I couldn't think of something else so....both my baby toes are deformed. One looks flat like it has been crushed and the other one looks like a little finger and is jammed into the one beside it. Oh, and sorry, there will be no photos (thank god!). Nick keeps telling me that when he is a Doctor he is going to break them and fix them for me, and if that doesn't work, cut them off. He is such a lovely child.

So there it is - my wierd list. I am so out of the loop these days I have no idea who has and hasn't done it but I am tagging the following knitters:

Amanda, Amanda Cathleen, J, Suzie, Rhonda and Jackie .

If you have already done it then just ignore me. If not, get crackin' will ya'?


leah said...

What a great care package! Enjoy the heck out of it Cynthia!!

Melissa said...

Great package! Don't you just LOVE Amanda? That's how Louisiana girls are. :)
Have fun with the yarn...it's gorgeous.

knit_tgz said...

The felted heart is beautiful! :)

Chrissy said...

That felted heart with the little sheep is tooooo cute!!!

clothesknit said...

you deserve it. but i don't know if we can be friends anymore since you have deformed pinky toes.

only kidding ;o)

Miss Scarlett said...

Oh those gifts are beautiful! I love that felted heart - too perfect - the sheep is adorable. And what a colourway that yarn is.

OK I used to scrape the tomato sauce off my pizza all the time!! It is so much better without it. Now and again I encounter pizza with tolerable sauce, but really, it is unnecessary.

I have a cousin who has 2 deformed big toes and I have always thought they should be broken and reset....my brother idolized him as a child and my Mom found him kicking the wall once when he was 4 - he was trying to get his toes to look like our cousins! True story. See some people envy the things that make us 'weird'

jackie said...

What wonderful surprises to find in the mail! Especially the sock hop yarn! And that heart!

As for the weird things, I already did that one, but I couldn't stop at 6. I guess that I am just a little weirder than some other people. It is posted on January 13th (if you REALLY want to know what is weird about me)

Lucia said...

Yay Rhonda!

All of my toes are really short.

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Okay, I've ignore 3 other people about the 6 weird things about me list. So I guess I just can't keep avoiding it any longer, huh? This is too much THINKING on my part you know. I don't know if I can even come up with SIX things... well okay, I've got to think about this. Maybe take a survey. So I'll wait and post tomorrow. [once my cheeks stop blushing with all your praise girl ... you are far more generous then I am, I confess.] Ok, I'll work on my list now ... later gator.

Teyani said...

didn't that yarn she spun turn out fabulous? I'd been sworn to silence about it, but could hardly contain myself when she sent me a photo.
Amanda totally rocks.
Oh, dear Cyn - I hope that you are beginning to improve.

ali said...

The 'do you wanna dance' is beautiful! Ever so lovely!
And the pizza- my personal favorite is the gourmet vegetarian from papa murphy's with their yummy garlic sauce. I have nothing against tomato sauce, but this garlic sauce rocks.
Have a good one,

Emily said...

Do you Wanna Dance is beautimous! I am totally awed at that talent, creativity and generosity of the folks in our virtual community. God bless the internet.

Hey...is that fudge in the box form Amanda?

Cathy said...

What an absolutely gorgeous Heart! and I can't think of ANYONE that deserves goodies in the mail more than you! It's wonderful to see you posting, Cindy, and thanks for sharing your 6 weird things :)

Dorothy said...

Lucky, lucky to get one of Rhonda's hearts. I have been coveting them myself. They are great aren't they.

So nice of Nick to offer to fix you up. He's a prince of a guy in that regard.

I won't drink tap water here because it tastes weird. Our well has crazy hard water and I won't even consider drinking it. We can't even use it in our humidifer because we wind up with a white film everywhere.

Samantha said...

I loathe crunchy snow too. Yuck. I am LMAO at the thought of Nick fixing your toes, or if that doesn't work he's just going to cut them off! Too funny! Kids! Gotta love their -ism's.

Kathy said...

Cynthia, the water and perfume thing, totally on board with you there. I sneeze violently at some perfumes. I have been known to be sick at the smell of gasoline. We also love tomato sauce free pizza, yummy, but mostly have pizza with sauce.

I finished the little hat kit you sent my way, it's lovely and will post a piccie soon. Katherine of course adores it. I have one square made so far, and a few more planned. Will get them sorted soon so that they can be sent off to you.

amanda cathleen said...

amazing package! I love the felted heart.
I've done the 6 weird things,( http://mistressstashenhancer.blogspirit.com/archive/2007/02/20/it-s-all-about-me.html ) but here's one just for you girl. My pinky toes are kinda wack too. I can't move my pinky toe on my left foot. I don't think I've ever broken it, so I have no idea why I can't move it! yes probably tmi! Also, I can't drink milk if its not right from the container it came home from the store in. Weird no?

Jenn said...

I am also not one for jewelery so my hubby lucked out as well. I can think of so many other things more useful then a rock.

Allison said...

Yea- I'm so glad to see you blogging!
And Amanda posted a link to Eminger Berries and, of course, my pregant ass surfed right there and placed an order. I cannot wait until the tasty package arrives!

nadine said...

and you know Kelli Ann, too ??!! what a small world.

Love your photographs.
Hello from Montreal.