Knitting Conundrums

First I must say thank you so much for all the well wishes; it feels good knowing there is so much positive energy out there - I need it! Today is my list of knitting conundrums. You know the problem (well not always) with being chronically fatigued is that your brain and thought processes still continue (and at times I have too much time to think..as evidenced by my last post!) and I have had some things on my mind. Here they are in no particular order: 1. My Stash When I flashed my stash on April 1st, I couldn't believe the number of hits I got! My stash was a superstar and certainly garnered some attention. The process was interesting for me. Flashing made me giddy and it made me realize how much I really love my stash(it's kind of like showing your underwear!)..not because I have so much of it or even because it is so well organized (okay maybe partly) rather, because it represents so much for me. I feel no shame in my stash; I don't have it in hiding (and I used to have it in less visible bins which drove me nuts because I couldn't see what I had) and I am surrounded by it everyday. My husband Ed sees it everyday and he has never complained or criticized my stash and even if he did I wouldn't care - I love my stash! My stash represents hope; hope of the day I get better and can knit what I have. My stash represents my style, my colour palette, my love of yarns I love to put my hands and face on. I know that while I may not be as fast as Wannietta - who is? - I can be very focused at times and get things done - I remember back to knitting 2 sweaters in less than a month so I know I can do it (okay sewing them up took another 3 months but hey what can I say?). I don't see my stash as SABLE and even if it is so what? As a society we are so focused on what is wrong, where our faults lie, why we all aren't perfectly thin, beautiful and rich that we carry this everywhere in our lives. My stash has been accumulated with care (with the exception of two purchases it all has a project) and I accept the fact that I will always be able to experience fibre with my eyes and hands so much faster than I can knit it up. There is something so primordial about fibre; perhaps because it engages so many of our senses and perhaps because of the basic comfort it gives us. I think that it is interesting that the stash most knitters have consists mostly of yarn we plan to knit up for others and less for ourselves. Knitters are quite a unique bunch; we have a joie de vivre about our fibre, we jump enthusiastically into projects which involve more altruistic purposes (i.e., Warming Grace now has 150 participants!) and yet we have more angst, guilt, shame, justifications and discussions about our stashes than anything else. Why? We should never feel bad about our stashes - I don't think (perhaps I am wrong) there is a knitter out there feverishly buying yarn, suffering cold sweats and jitters if they don't, not feeding the kids or paying the bills because they have to have it. When I joined SYAC I hadn't flashed and I hadn't thought about the addict part - I am not an addict. My bad. The connotation is too negative for me. I really enjoy my yarn purchases and my sock yarn purchases and I don't feel that I am buying in some out of control frenzy that is affecting the quality of my life. Sock yarn is wonderful - there is a reason it is so popular; you can buy a skein or 6 and get so much in return. Currently I have enough sock yarn for over 60 socks. Woo! Some of you may say way too much! I say that if I was well enough and decided to knit a pair a week (totally realistic even with other knitting) it would take me a little over a year to knit it all up. The beauty of yarn is that there is no expiry date, I won't get fat over it, it never talks back and it won't eat me out of house and home. Anny reminded me of Ghandi's quote, "Be the change you want to see in the world." I have it on my computer desk and see it there everyday and I think about the multitude of implications this has in every area of my life. In the small world of my knitting what I want to see is more joy, more revelry, more pride and less shame in my stash. I will knit it as I am able, I will add to when I want and I will enjoy every minute of it! With this in mind I am enthusiastically a part of Stash Pride! Vive la revolution! Postscript: Sorry for the lack of photos and I will post the rest of my conundrums tomorrow! I am going to roll in my stash! Woohoo!


amanda said...

You have such a great spirit. So happy to know you share in the pride. And I'm sure that with that stash of yours you inspired many :o)

Emma said...

Very well said, and nothing to be ashamed of. in fact, I'm sure there are several of us out here who are jealous!

Rhonda said...

I second the motion, well said! Knit on, Stash on!

Jean-Anne said...

You make me laugh and bring a smile to my face.

Gingersnaps with Tea... said...

You are absolutely right. There is no shame in having a stash! I really like what you said about it representing hope. Now go have fun rolling in your stash ;-D

Lucia said...

We used to have 4 cats, 2 of each gender, and when we gave them catnip the boys would just eat it, but the girls would grab it in their front paws and rub their faces against it and lie down and roll all over it and then eat it. "This is a basic difference," said my husband, "the boys just want to have it, the girls want to develop a relationship with it first."

It's nice that you have such a healthy relationship with your stash.

Rhonda said...

I've joined the movement! Hey, I sure do love what Lucia just said. Boy is that true on soooooo many levels, huh? I'm all for establishing a relationship with MY stash. Espeically, ever since I started buying QUALITY. Ok, I'm going to go home & roll around in mine right NOW. HaPPY stashing!

pacalaga said...

LMAO, Lucia! Funny!
Cynthia, it's fantastic that you have a good relationship with your stash. My husband teased me the other day and asked, "What yarn did you get in the mail today?" I told him I didn't get any, and he feigned surprise. So I promptly went and ordered some. Can't have the husband thinking I'm not getting enough yarn...
I'm one of the few knitters who has a stash of things to knit for ME, and I continually have to buy yarn for things to knit for others. My stash is aimed squarely at ME!
BTW, my squares are winging their way to you! Are you going to let Grace and Simone choose the squares they want for their blankets?

Samantha said...

Well said, sister!!

Kelly said...

I agree! My favorite thing to do lately is to shop my stash. It's like my own little 24 hour yarn shop. That's why it should always be well stocked at all times!

zib said...

Well said, thank you.

Abigail 1870 pearl said...

I really enjoy my yarn purchases too! But I want it to be more than just a skein of pretty yarn. I want it to be something pretty that I made with my two little hands. Something that someone can wear and enjoy. It's not very easy to wear a skien of yarn on your feet!

Anonymous said...

No one forced you to join the SYAC. It was your own choice.
Stop bashing SYAC. She does not want to be a glutton and spend thousand of dollars on unused yarn.
People starve to death daily and we can't wait to stuff ourself and fill our houses with yarn!

Cynthia said...


I am unclear as to why you can't stand by your words and leave your name.

I have no problem with owning my statements. Cowards throw shots without the guts to say who they are.

Too bad for you.

Leah said...

Cynthia, your stash, and the relationship you develop with those things that give you hope, whether it be yarn, friends, or a fat bank account, are unique to you!

Personally I find your expression of hope that you see through these as yet but soon to be future hand knits very inspiring.

I haven't seen anyone bashing SYAC, but rather expressing their desire to continue to accumulate those things they love and enjoy, as opposed to unnecessarily depriving themselves.

It would seem that others are choosing to take offense where no offense was intended.

Stash on, my friend. I’ll be right there with you!

Miss Scarlett said...

For shame Anonymous! Why spread your negativity here?
This is a post about hope and enjoyment - no one was being bashed...until you posted that is.
Have you never heard the adage "if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all"?
I notice you didn't include any personal info so that no one can visit your blog to 'school' you on your personal views - convenient. I can think of another c-word for that too and it ends with a d.
But then I don't want to spread anymore negativity here.


Go revel in your stash!! And keep on posting I want to hear about your other conundrums.

Miss Scarlett said...

Oh dear - and Anonymous it is true, people do starve to death daily. If you are looking to help alleviate such world conditions - why are you visiting a knitting blog??
There are sites dedicated to ending world poverty etc.
and guess what - the place to start is within and the seed for change is COMPASSION.
You have taken more than one wrong turn to end up where you were today.

Jeanne said...

Great post, Cynthia. I love having a stash, and don't feel bad/embarrassed/ashamed about it. Its not huge, but I know that it will grow. I just like knowing its there. I did join SYAC - and I've had fun knitting up some of the great yarn I have. I've used my free day in April, and know I'll use it in May - and I don't feel particularly bad about it. So enjoy your stash and thanks for a great post!

Carole said...

Here's the thing - it's YOUR blog, Cynthia! And it's YOUR stash and YOUR money and you can spend it however you want. Clearly, anonymous has issues and I'm betting they have nothing to do with you at all.

Rhonda said...

My wool keeps the children in my own family from being cold as well as the children I donate woolen hats & mittens too. Poor people get COLD too ... Anonymous ASSUMES you(we) never donate to the poor and hungry. For shame on this person! Who ever said a STASH never has a turnover? ... Beautiful yarn skeins IN and knitted items to wear turned OUT. Stash & Knit with Pride Friend!

Melissa said...

Please...everybody has something they indulge in even if it isn't stash yarn.
And if they don't, then that's probably why they are so darn crabby.
This can be spun soooo many ways. There are people out there who can't afford clothes. Does this mean I should have 5 outfits in my closet because others can't afford them?
Some people can't afford food. Does that mean that I should make my family live on a meager amount of food because others don't have enough?
The reasoning there is kinda screwed up if you ask me.
I think if people are hoarders who never give anything back, sure, question their committment to society as a whole. But, you are giving not only to your niece, but to a whole community of kids with cancer. That is wonderful.
If I were you I would turn off the thing in blogger that allows anonymous comments. If someone has that strong of an opinion, they surely won't mind leaving their name.

Stuntmother said...

I too love this post -- and it has prompted much thinking about stash and yarn and knitting which will someday emerge on my blog -- which is about the best of what blogging does, I think. Connect people (knitters) and spark new and exciting ideas.

And hey -- I am disproportionately excited to find you are ALSO married to an Ed. Eds rock. And they make good husbands for knitters.

Carole said...

Anonymous comments are for those who are cowards, not willing to standup and be seen. You, my best friend, are the greatest and MOST giving person that I have ever known! YOU ROCK!! Your kindness and generosity always go above and beyond "the call of duty". Please don't let comments bring you down life is too precious to have share with negative people.

I love your STASH and have had the pleasure of sitting in your room, admiring, fondling and getting so inspired with ideas.

PS - I'm reorganizing my STASH again, so that my room feels the same way.

Love as always,


Emily said...

Stash on! Otherwise, who will I have to look up to?

And not to continue the Flame War but what is UP with you Anonymous? Nobody is bashing the SYAC (or Abigail). It's a great idea and has a noble purpose. Some members are just discovering their True Stashing Motives and are articulating their Personal Fiber Needs. What the the point of having a brain if you don't do a little bit of reflection and self-examination once and a while?

Also, don't leave hit and run anonymous comments. That's Just Tacky.

Dorothy said...

You have a great stash! You should be proud of it. Good taste, good organizational skills and good planning. How could that be bad?

jackie said...

Your stash left me breathless! I wanted to roll in it, smell it, become one with it.

I bet anonymous was just a bit jelous. I know I am.All that lovely yarn. But hey,I have a great stash too. Most of mine I use for weaving though and it is pretty easy to go through 20 skeins when weaving a blanket. I'll flash it next year when flash your stash day comes around again. I thought that it was a lot of fun to peek in others closets, baskets and bags.

Jenn said...

If it's yarn that gets you out of bed in the morning so be it! :-)

Well said Cynthia.

Boo to Annon too!

Katie said...

Tacky Anonymous. Miss Scarlett was right--Mr./Ms. Anon, why don't you go visit a site like Heifer Intl. or Samaritan's Purse if you want to make a difference in the world on a larger scale? Instead of being mean to someone because of their hobby. Stashing isn't dangerous or selfish or wrong. It's part of a knitter's hobby. Shame on you.

Samantha said...

I just need to add that I love your stash pride button!! :)

It really is too bad that "Anonymous" is so negative ... Cynthia, your post is lovely and freeing and stash loving. :)

Monica said...

I loved your post and the feeling behind it. I love my stash and mostly I don't feel bad about it. The bills get paid, money gets put towards retirement, gifts are bought or made. I don't remember the last time I bought a (non-knitting) book or CD, and forget clothes. We don't go out much and I usually brown bag my lunches. If yarn and fiber makes me happy, and I'm not hurting anyone, what does it matter? My stash is inspiration, and ideas, and possibility.

Pink One said...

Dear Cindy,

You are an awesome knitter and blogger.

I love you and I love your stash. It does not hurt you or anyone else. There are worse hobbies or addictions (as bullying anon people call your, my hobby, lots of peoples' hobby). I love to buy yarn, I like to feel it, hold it, knit it, crochet it, look at it etc. It has a very comforting effect on me and relaxes me. Knitting brought me out of a very deep depression, my two kids are very happy about my hobby and what it has done for me and in turn for them.

Certain people should think before they post.