Seven Things on a Saturday Night

Anny tagged me for my first meme and after spending some time thinking about it I am ready to post my Seven Things. Seven Things to do before I die:
  1. knit up my stash while becoming a Master Knitter.
  2. Figure out my purpose in life.
  3. After a fantastic night's sleep; wake up feeling energized and pain free (this only has to happen once).
  4. Learn to love ladybugs.
  5. Understand and practice patience - especially with myself.
  6. Take ballroom dancing lessons with Ed.
  7. Lose my fear of dying.

Seven Things I cannot do:

  1. Pass up good freaking yarn or most things yarn/knitting related.
  2. Go a day without hugging/cuddling/touching Ed or Nick.
  3. Lie.
  4. Remember things the way I used to.
  5. Not worry or anguish about all the suffering in the world.
  6. Be more objective and dispassionate about life.
  7. Go to bed with the dishes undone and the kitchen messy.

Seven Things that attract me to my mate:

  1. Ed's unconditional and non-judgemental nature and his tremendous ability and capacity for love.
  2. His deep spirituality - Ed learned to read from the Bible and he wears his spirituality like a second skin.
  3. Ed does the laundry, he irons, he cleans the toilet...and he is an excellent cook!
  4. How protective, caring and patient he is.
  5. His sense of humour and his big, hearty laugh. We have a deal that we will make each other laugh every day(it is not a challenge we find too difficult).
  6. Ed's intellect, his intelligence and his social conscience.
  7. His level of affection and passion.

Seven Books I love:

  1. Gone To Soldiers by Marge Piercy (also Braided Lives and Summer People and a few others; she is a phenomenal writer.)
  2. The Alphabet Series by Sue Grafton
  3. The Seven Story Mountain by Thomas Merton (actually anything by Thomas Merton. This book is his first and reading it is inspirational.)
  4. The Road Less Travelled by Scott Peck (I read this when I was in a period of tremendous flux in my late twenties and it was life changing. His concepts of love and courage are phenomenal.)
  5. The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency Series by Alexander McCall Smith
  6. "...And Ladies of the Club"by Helen Hoover Santmyer (her first book published I believe when she was in her eighties it is a multigenerational saga about the lives of women brought together through a book club. Amazing read.)
  7. Deafeningby Frances Itani (a beautiful love story set in Belleville, Ontario, Canada during the first World War.)

Seven Things I say:

  1. "F---!!! "
  2. "I love you... spuba, guumba, sweet pea, darlin, pookster etc.... "
  3. "I'm sorry "
  4. "Computah says NO!" (a la Little Britain, one of the best comedies out there!)
  5. "Crap or Crappola"
  6. "Criminy Jickets!"
  7. "Right On!"

Seven Movies I've Loved:

  1. Bridget Jones (1 & 2) (Funny and Colin Firth is such a hunk!)
  2. Legally Blonde (1 & 2) (I love a good chick flickand a few laughs at the same time.)
  3. Schlinder's List (hard to believe what human beings can and continue to do to one another - makes me want to cry) see also Hotel Rwanda
  4. Boys Don't Cry (ditto)
  5. Before Sunrise, Before Sunset (talk about an amazing love story and some serious on screen chemistry - oh so good)
  6. Elf (Will Ferrell is irreverently funny and silly in this movie)
  7. Save the Last Dance (feel good chick flick, hard issues about interracial relationships within the context of tragedy and adolescent angst - could watch it again and again)

Seven People to Tag

  1. Julie from A Really Good Yarn
  2. Samantha from Me,Myself and Milotis78
  3. Amanda from clothesknit
  4. Abigail from 1870 pearl
  5. Lolly from Lollyknitting
  6. Rebecca from Larocque and Roll
  7. J from canKNITian


Pink One said...

Hey Girlfriend,

Love this blog ... I feel I know where you are coming from ... a lot like where I am coming from.

Now you have me thinking. I'm going to give this considerable thought and do a list like this too.

One pointer though, the purpose of the stash is you must knit it up before you die, keeping in mind that at the growth rate of stashes the dying part will never happen.

Luv ya,


Pink One said...

I forgot,

I'm curious, please post a picture of flower power patchwork


Pink One

P.S. I think my "Computah" uses stronger language than yours does!

Abigail 1870 pearl said...

This one is going to take some thought, but it will be good exercise for my brain! I got tagged with another meme today. So it will be two for the price of one:)

Anny said...

I must revisit Thomas Merton. I remember reading some of his essays on peace when I was in CEGEP and was really awed at his wisdom. I never read the "Seven Storey Mountain" and should pick it up sometime (I always meant to read "No man is an island" too).

Thanks for playing!