Today is Thomas's 7th Birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY THOMAS! Thomas is the older brother of Grace and Annabella (my brother, Jamie, and his wife, Adrienne, have themselves a good looking crop of kiddies!). Thomas is a very good big brother. He is a very funny guy and full of beans. Thomas's favourite colour is orange and he LOVES Spiderman. He also loves cars, trucks and anything with wheels. Thomas takes Karate which he likes very much. Thomas is in Grade One and he loves to read. He is also very good at math. Thomas loves to swim. Thomas has a great sense of humour and is very loving to both his sisters. He has been terrific throughout Grace's illness and kudos to him!

Thomas and Grace posing in their Jester Caps (handknit by Auntie Cindy - shameless props to me!).

Thomas and Annabella. All such cutie kiddies. Auntie Cindy, Uncle Ed and Nick want to wish Thomas a very big and very Happy Birthday. We understand there is a big party happening at their house tomorrow to celebrate both Grace's and Thomas's birthdqys. Have a great time guys! Enjoy the clown!


Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Thomas!!! :) Hope he has a great one. Will he be receiving hand knitted gifts?

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Cynthia said...

I cannot believe some LOSER posted spam on my comments. I don't want to have to approve all comments and I hope this doesn't happen again!