The Olympics: Day 4

It's actually Day 5 (really early in the am but I can't sleep and so here I am....). The shrug continues. I am at the end of sleeve one (the decreases were really cool and I am really happy with how it is progressing) and should be able to start on the other half tomorrow. I have to say that working with a merino yarn as opposed to a laceweight yarn has probably saved my sanity - it has felt really luxurious and soft and a nice way to learn to knit lace. This experience has gotten me excited to knit the Falling Leaves Shawl (I have both the pattern and the organic cotton). The photo does no justice to how attractive the lace pattern is. Hopefully once I do the other side and block it, it will photograph so much better. I have also started a new pair of socks; Embossed Leaves Socks from Interweave Knits Winter 2005. I have just started the cast on which I had to practice a bit (1 x 1 rib) - I have never done this one before; it is really nice (I am an aficienado of the long tail cast on but this cast on gives you both the knit and purl look - I practiced the purl wrapping while I was waiting to see my Doctor yesterday). I only have three rows of the cuff on but I love the colour of the socks - Lorna's Laces in Gentle Lime. This is the first time I have knit with this yarn and I am so loving it already; good stretch and oh so soft. Sorry for the blurry photo. Promise the next one will be better! I got some yarn in the mail yesterday. See the Koigu?? I love Koigu and part of this lovely little pile is for my Yarn Aboard partner (top secret identity) who has stated that she would love some Koigu. I have to say I really love both colourways (there is a third little demi skein in another very nice colourway) so it will be a little hard to decide which one to part with (ahhhggg!!). Such selfish thoughts. It is a good cause though and I am looking forward to sending my lovely Koigu along to another good mother.

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Samantha said...

Your shrug looks great. You're just zipping along with the knitting. Good for you. :)

I like the start of your sock, but um, isn't knitting a sock interfereing with Olympic Knitting time? *lol*