Hey! I finished something else during the Olympics!

Everyone is so sick around here (physically, for those of you who know me, not mentally)! Nick has some wicked chest cold, virus thingy and Ed, my wonderful, sweet, hard working husband, has had this chest thing for about three weeks with no relief in sight. It is a strange world when I am the healthiest person in the house! Of course all things being relative you know. Hey I finished something else during the Olympics! I participated in the Hurry Hard Handwarmalong with J and Rebecca and on Saturday night they were done! Yahoo! It was fun and thankfully not very stressful at all - biggest problem I had was sewing in all the freaking ends - oh yes fun striping the colours until the ends, those multiple ends had to be put in - crap, double crap. I did it while watching movies on TVO (no commercial breaks and the best old movies).

Anyway, all that knitting in such a short time was hard but incredibly inspiring. My brain is still feeling the blur and I know that at times I felt like I had ADKD (Attention Deficit Knitting Disorder) because I so seriously wanted to knit on more than one thing and continued to be restless with my Shrug and Wristwarmers even though the progress was obvious. Discipline - there is a concept.

It was great to have the Olympics as an excuse to put everything else on hold; sadly, that can't continue but God it felt good while it lasted. All I want to do right now is knit, knit, knit. I feel as though I have been infected with some disease. I need needles in my hands all the time; for example waiting for things to download on my dinosaur computer, knitting; waiting for the kettle to boil, knitting; going to bed at night with my knitting - it is amazing.

Tragedies continue to occur in the knitting world. Country Sock - I did have to rip back the sock to the cuff; mistake in the first decrease. I have since reknit past the heel (will post a photo tomorrow). Stornoway - after having knit, oh, about 7 inches up the body (in the round 356, yes that is 356 stitches) I realize that the 3mm's I thought I was knitting with were actually 2.5mm. FUCK! Where I was when they started knitting I have no clue - must have been my stupid non-knitting twin. The rib band was done with 2.75mm which makes me looking even more clueless. The package said 3mm but alas the needles were 2.5mm. Okay and like I know I needed to rip it all out but I am thinking perhaps ignorance is bliss sometimes because in the moment the mistake is "discovered," the torture begins. I did have Ed help me rip that sucker out (the yarn is on a cone so the swiffer won't of course work - of course). So I recast (and actually went down a size because that bugger was actually pretty big on my sexy man!) and I am about 1 1/2" back up the rib - god I wish I was faster, swifter, bolder. I am now working to get to my knitting. I have a bunch of emails to do. I got so many lovely comments on my shrug both here and on the Team Canada and I do want to respond to everyone; my energy is so up and down but I promise to get to it in the morning. I did some Blog Housekeeping today - see the Gold Medal (woohoo!!) but everything takes like 42 billion hours !!!! Between posting and maintaining my blog, my groups (which I am not really managing), my Knitalongs, reading the blogs I like and trying to keep up with all of it there is just not enough time in the day! I totally admire everyone else who seems to do this so well. I have a pile of unopened messages in my Yahoo Groups. My Chinese Horoscope said this year was about managing my time - ha ha ha (I am a Rat). So far, not so good. Tried to register with a couple of Web rings; messed up huge (perhaps another time). Oh and while I am on my major gripe fest - I HATE LADYBUGS! We have them in our house (an old, old farmhouse) year round and they drive me nuts. Okay I am going to stop. I promise I will have some good photos tomorrow. Oh, and Carole, I promise to email you that stuff I said I would email you last week - sorry!

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Celtic Knitter said...

I just love the colours in those mittens. I could never wear them because they are too bright . . . but I would love to be able to say that I made them!!