Bloomin' Martini Feet

A parcel arrived Friday, May 4th. Actually, I didn't get the parcel until Monday, May 7th, because the FedEx man left it, kindly enough, in the BBQ by our back door on the 4th (Nick's 14th birthday BTW)....but he forgot to let us know. When Ed went to light the barbi on Monday he found the package. Good thing it's gas and he had to open the lid first!

Inside the FedEx package was a whole whack of stuff. From Carrie. Just as an aside, it was perfect serendipity that my Bloomin' Feet buddy is the Martini Knitter - before I got sick and stopped drinking alcohol, my absolutely favourite drink in the whole wide world was a vodka martini with a splash of scotch and a twist of lemon (I am making myself drool...teehee). It had to be this vodka and I really love single malt whiskey but alas I digress......

All my goodies were wrapped in tissue which was great....just like Christmas. I admit I didn't wrap my BF pal Margene's in such a sweet way. The unwrapping was great though. The contents...amazing.

Carrie, you have been so generous and so thoughtful! I got all my favourites - Chai Tea, Dark Chocolate (Fairtrade - yea!) with Raspberries, Ginger Snaps - I can't tell you how much I love Ginger, some lovely Koigu yarn and raw,unfiltered honey from Colorado (yummmy!!!).

And my socks. Wow. Lorna's Laces (one of my absolute true loves) in the Georgetown colourway and knit with the Pembrokshire Pathways Pattern. Carrie wrote a lovely note to let me know that my socks have not only been in Boulder, CO but also Cincinnati, OH, Westford, MA, Rockford, IL, Beloit, WI and Orlando, FL! I think I am living variously through the socks Carrie!

A close up of the pattern. It looks great in the photo but even better in person. Carrie was worried about the fit but hey....

They fit perfectly! Thank you so much Carrie! This was Carrie's first swap and she definitely did a fantabulous job - so thoughtful and generous. And the socks are so excellent! I feel truly honoured and spoiled. Thanks also to Amanda for the sock swap. Amanda truly runs excellent swaps and they are definitely a pleasure to be part of.

An Important Request

If I was blogging more regularly I would have put this in a separate post but unfortunately I just haven't been able to post or get out there and comment - the good news is that even though my symptoms are continuing to be nasty, I am moving in the right direction. Sadly, I feel like it is moving at about 15 kms/hour when I would like to be going about 240 km/hour! Patience has never been my strong suit.

Anyway the request...... Dorothy is trying to raise money for Cancer Research through the Relay for Life which is happening for her in Sioux Lookout, Ontario on June 8th, 2007. Her goal is $2000.00 and I would love to see her reach it. Dorothy has been incredibly generous and thoughtful to me while I continue on my Warming Grace quest (which badly needs to be updated) and I would like to return the favour (after all the goal benefits us all....and sadly most of us have known or lost loved ones to cancer).

Borders are of no consequence for this brutal disease nor for the generosity I have seen in the knitting community, to myself, to the Warming Grace cause or for other causes which I and others have generously donated to (I have also donated to Wannietta for the Relay for Life which happens in Toronto on June 22, 2007).

I have donated money for Dorothy's relay and I am going to donate a couple of draw prizes but I am asking that you go over and donate money for the relay. $5.00, $10.00....whatever you can afford. The cause is so important and the support is always heartwarming. So, if you can, please go over and show Dorothy the spirit. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Margene said...

After the beautiful package and socks you sent my way, it's nice to see your pal spoiled you well, too!!

Teyani said...

What a lovely gift you got! And the socks are so pretty! Great job Carrie!!
and that Koigu - love that colorway.

Here's hoping that all your treatments soon shift into high gear with the healing.
Happy Mother's Day, Cyn.

Wannietta said...

What a lovely surprise - glad to hear that Ed lifts the lid on the BBQ, for safety in general & for you package!!

Awesome socks - your own blue sky anytime, anywhere.

I'm a slacker at wrapping too. I try, but sometimes it's a plastic bag presented with a real smiley face and a super happy "look-y what I got for you!" LOL Especially in instances like that it's the thought that counts.

Gingersnaps with Tea... said...

lovely present, lovely socks so lacy. Happy Mother's Day to you, hope it's a good one.

Emily said...

I love that your FedEx man leaves stuff in the grill!

Beautiful Martini Socks - I love the color - and those ginger snap things are some of the best!

clothesknit said...

I love your socks! I've been wanting to knit that pattern. And btw, while I prefer gin in my martini, vodka has to be Grey Goose. Enjoy your goodies!

Kelly said...

What a wonderful package. Those socks are gorgeous!

Amanda1 said...

Lucky girl to receive such a wonderful package! WOW, what great stuff!

Dorothy said...

Thank you for the shout out. You say things so eloquently. Thank you for your support!

I hope things move a little more quickly for you on the health front, but I am very glad they are moving in the right direction.

Your package is beautiful and your pal is a very thoughtful pal. You deserve to be spoiled. She did a great job on both her socks and her first swap.

sprite said...

The socks are lovely. I'm glad you didn't accidentally burn them up!

Cathy said...

What a wonderful package full of goodies! YAY for you! :) In the grill? hmmmmmmmmm living dangerously! lol

So glad to hear that you are moving in the right direction healthwise - patience isn't one of my virtues either, so I can fully understand your frustration.

The Relay for Life is such a wonderful way to give - my family is very involved in it also - thanks for letting us all know.

Take care of yourself Cindy!

Musclemom said...

I read your blog today -- the timing was very appropriate since I lost my mother to breast cancer exactly two years ago today. In her memory, I made a donation to your friend Dorothy's Relay for life walk.
I am glad you are slowly feeling better. Take care Cindy!

jackie said...

YOur socks are stunning! The colour of the yarn looks almost irridescent.

Ramona said...

What a nice gift. I hope you take the time to enjoy every bit of it!

Carrie said...

I am glad they fit and you are enjoying them. I hope your recovery is speeding along, fueled in sunshine. And thanks for the martini tip, that going on my list to try (SOON) :)

Miss Scarlett said...

Phew for gas bbq's!
What a lovely package. It couldn't be given to a better person! The socks are wonderful - what a great job she did.

Here's hoping you a speedier recovery - thinking of you always.


Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Love the socks and how well they fit. Such wonderful goodies to retrieve from inside a "grill"? LoL, thank goodness for Nick looking inside. I linked to Dorothy's also, so now I'm going to go check to see how she's doing. I've gotten behind on my reading.

Susan said...

Those are beautiful socks, I'm just knitting my first pair of socks right now. By the way you've been tagged, check out my blog to find out what to do.

Patrick said...

Hey Cyn!
Love those socks. She is a great knitter. Know that I'm thinking of you. I was chuckling to myself in the garden earlier remembering some good times in the past. Have a great summer, be well and see you at Gone Stitchin'...I hope!

PS/ Did you remember to kiss the sky?

Love Buttercup.

william said...

Me too love those socks. It is a lovely gift from them and your are lucky too. Congratulation!!
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