In honour of Socktoberfest I decided to offer up this sockliloquy about my sock clubbin', a KAL or two and my current sock project(s). I'd like to call it "Sockclubbintoastytoesberfest". I will preface this by saying that I love socks. When I first learned to knit socks it was to master DPN's but of course I had little idea what I was really getting into. Socks are like the most divine type of swatch that knits up relatively quickly (and is actually functional) and oh how I have come to love the magic loop and 2 socks on 2 circulars (I must admit I held onto the DPN method for a few years). Sock Clubs Sock Clubs, like sock yarn, sock needles, sock apparel (markers, bags and the like) are oh so hard to resist. Different than a KAL (although certainly attached at times to the club), sock clubs arrive at your door usually every other month. I have found these clubs to be divine. 1. The Petals Collection - prior to joining the Petals Collection I had had the opportunity to experience Sundara's sock yarn; lovely, just lovely. When I got my first package the woman literally blew me away. The attention to detail, the yarn, the pattern and a lovely little flower sucker; I felt like it was Christmas and I felt that inner thrill of the sock knitter (or would that be the online sock shopper).

Sundara didn't disappoint with her second mailing. So, so beautiful. I almost don't want to open them up they are so awesome. If you know what I mean. She is a woman who knows how to make you feel very, very special. This is the quintessential sock club. 2. Posh Yarn Sock Club - Dee, the owner of Posh Yarn is the sweetest of enablers! Her yarns are sublime and so luxurious, how could I not join the Sock club, knowing that I would knit socks with cashmere/merino and just plain cashmere. Dee is wonderful, the yarns are gorgeous and well, I have also joined her Lace Club. You have to check out her sock yarns; I bought some pure cashmere sock yarn to make Nancy Bush's Bed Socks (Knitting Vintage Socks) for Ed and I - they are on the socks to make now list. Oh sweet, sweet luxury! 3. Socks that Rock Sock Club - this was a total fluke. Surfing one day I hit on the club (and mammoth KAL) and thought why not?

Who knew how popular this 'little' club would be (or that it would sell out like less than 24 hours after I decided to join). I love Blue Moon's Sock Yarn and their patterns have been, for the most part, excellent. Of course I wouldnt' be telling the truth if I didn't tell you that the mini skein is the part of the club I love the best!I have also recently joined the Sweet Sheep Sock Club. I am intrigued by this club and looking forward to seeing the 4 different sock yarns from 4 different fiber artists. This club (and adjoining KAL) starts in November and I will be sure to post all about it. I have also belonged to the Sock Club from Make 1 Yarn Studio. I admit I let it slip when I was sick over the summer and I do need to call and renew my 'membership.' Toasty Toes The lovely Amanda is hosting Toasty Toes, the sock sequel to Bloomin' Feet. Of course I had to sign up. The thought of making someone socks and sending the knitting energy their way while you are knitting those socks is really spectacular.

And, while making socks for someone other than a blood relative (the perfectionism quotient goes way, way up for me - and it's already pretty high) is relatively anxiety provoking, getting a pair of socks in the mail is kind of like being Samantha on Bewitched.

It's almost magical - and they're handknit too! Freakin' awesome! My Toasty Toes are coming from this pattern book; a lovely Canadian only pattern book from Beehive (I believe that this is the original company of what is now known as Patons - I have no difficulty being corrected on this information). I am not revealing the pattern yet.

The yarn is Lorna's Laces in Blackberry. I LOVE the colour (I hope my sendee loves the colour). I love the knitter I am knitting these for. I love the sock bag the yarn is sitting in (perhaps more than love, these sock bags are sooooo cool and I have to get me some more!).

Of course I seriously have to get my butt in gear; these beauties have to be ready to mail in about two weeks (so many other more conscientious knitters are already done...eeps!). However, I did manage to get my Sockapaloooza Socks done on time (okay, it was 6am of the morning of mailing...). They will get done - I promise you my secret sendee!

A Current Sock Knit I have knit socks on DPN's most of my sock knitting life (about 5years and a bit). I have done the magic loop as well but I must admit I really wanted to try the 2 socks on 2 circulars - to have a pair of socks done at the same time really appealed to me.

So I decided to give it a go. These are Crown Mountain Farms socks in "American Pie." The infamous Sock Hop Yarn! I love this yarn. It's the kind of yarn you just want to bury your face in (or fill a bathtub full of it and lay in it). The colour is totally yummy and I love the tweedy/striping effect. Hats off to Klaus and Teyani - you are geniuses. And fucking nice too! (I have been working on the swearing, it just kind of slipped out!). I have quite a bit of this yarn (and some rovings as well). It is just so fabulous - you have to try it if you haven't yet. I love you Teyani, I LOVE YOU!

About the 2 x2 socks on circs. I love it, and yet at the same time, it is wrecking my usual sock mojo. Because I am knitting them at the same time, I am knitting them oh so much slower than I usually knit socks. There is no pressure, no need to worry about deciphering my little notes as I knit one sock and bust a move to get the next one on - they are, exactly the same.

In my anal retentive sock knittingness I need my socks to be as similar as possible - and I always find slight differences in the singularly knit socks, no matter how closely I knit them together. I love the 2 socks method but it will make me a much slower sock knitter. Oh well. I still love sock knitting, LOVE IT!!!!!!!


Carole said...

Wow, that's a lot of sock clubs you've got going on! Nice to hear that you're enjoying all of it.

amanda said...

As Mr. C says, it's all socks all the time here. Seriously if I could only choose to knit one thing well it would be socks -- so versatile and utilitarian and you can still make 'em pretty with cables and laces and such. Love the LL colorway for your TT socks!

Anonymous said...

You are evil. You know that, right? Now I have to check out sock clubs I did not know previously existed.


Teyani said...

OMG -you are defiantely the queen of sock clubs :-) Go for it girl!
I too love socks - they're the best. And I'm so delighted that you love the Sock Hop yarn. that's what we are aiming for. Glad that the unique coloring in the yarn didn't drive you nuts (hah!)
And hey- you didn't cast on yet for your TT sock??? hmmm, You've still got plenty of time I think - that colorway is divine.
P>S> love you right back !

Leah said...

Look at you go girl!

While I was tempted by all of those sock clubs, I did resist all but two of them!

Love the color you chose for your TT socks! Just beautiful!!

Barbara said...

Ah socks! So addicting! Very hard to resist those sock clubs too.

amanda cathleen said...

I'm finding it harder and harder to resist all the lovely sock clubs that keep popping up! Love the socks on your needles right now, great colors : )

Allison said...

Ooh, I love your Sock Hop socks. I've got 2 skeins that I keep meaning to start on. It is some of the best yarn out there!

Miss Scarlett said...

LADY!! You are into sock knitting!
I love the petals collection - just stunningly beautiful. I remember seeing someone else posting a pic of their hydrangea package. I have really got to check into that club...

Both socks at once eh? Are you really slower if both socks are done at the same time?!? Does it just feel slower? I can't imagine my sock knitting getting any slower -that would be a speed akin to glacial for me!

Your socks look great. Now I am off to check out all of the links you included - do you get commission gifts? ;-p

Your Toasty Toes pal said...

You are obviously a joiner with excellent taste! I envy you for making it into the STR club. Your Sock Hop socks look so very pretty. I hope you are going to like what I am whipping up for you. I'm sending you loads of good knitting karma for the speed knitting you are planning to do for your Toast Toes pal. The yarn already promises to be a very special treat.

jackie said...

What is not to love about socks! and talk about stash enhancement! Yummy!
I also have to say that I am glad that I am not the only one out there who has fantasies involving fiber and bath tubs;-)

Hawkesley said...

Sock Clubs are fab. I also joined The Posh Yarns sock club and have now joined The Yarn Yard's new sock club and also the Petals Collection sock club. I LOVE socks!