One Skein Out, One Skein In

I joined the One Skein Swap. On June 1st I sent out this (my secret pal loves blacks, greys and whites): And this week I received this from my secret swapper: I totally enjoyed opening the parcel and I particularly love the aboriginal card (a hint??). My skein is 100% aran silk (yummmmmy) from Pure Knits. I love, love, LOVE the colourway; it looks like a tropical sea (it is called "Surf") and it feels so calming, as well as being really soft and delightful.

My secret pal suggested a small evening bag with seaglass beads which sounds lovely although I am thinking I might make a scarf with seaglass beads instead (sadly I wouldn't get much use for the evening bag out here in the country and I would love to feel this next to my skin).

Thank you so much secret pal; you definitely scored with this one! I can't wait until next month.


Miss Scarlett said...

Lucious yarn - what a fabulous partner you have!
I like how there is some blue in that Noro...sneaky. :-D

amanda said...

A scarf with seaglass beads!!! I insist. And now I'm off to see if I can locate some sea glass beads -- I adore sea glass and didn't realize they made in into beads (yes, it is a rather large rock I live under).

aija said...
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aija said...

Wow, that silk is beautiful!

Melissa said...

I lvoe the silk! It looks like the ocean!