Mail Call!

The mail has been so good to me lately. I mean there are a ton of Warming Grace envelopes pouring in everyday which is so warming and touching for me. Each square is like this perfect little present and my heart does a little flip and a dance and feels so warm inside. Incredibly (okay given my penchant for online shopping it is not incredible...) there have been a few parcels in there for me too. It's funny because I just assume everything addressed to me must be a Warming Grace square (my Sockapaloooza Sock for instance) so the excitement factor is more like surprise. So I have gotten a few things in the mail. I have been pretty tardy about posting them (I seem to be like the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland) but I do so want to put them out there. First off, I won something. I am part of the Knitting Vacation Swap and they had a draw...and I won! I couldn't believe it! I had to kiss my moose caller (long story; Ed and I bought one once while in NB driving in the back woods and we like had to have it and the question was about one of the wierdest things you have ever bought while on a vacation and there it is although it hasn't worked at the farm; Ed has tried and even the cows won't come) and dust it off! I got some lovely Cashmere blend wool and this groovy marker. It is that marker, up there, at the top. It is glorious. Thank you so much to Jennifer, supreme hostess of the swap. Oh and Jennifer, my package will be in the mail next week; I am just waiting for something to dry. I got some sock yarn in the mail. Oh yes, sock yarn. After getting her donation for the 1st Warming Grace Draw and loving the sock yarn so much, I ordered some sock yarn from Celia. I am so excited; this stuff is awesome. Celia you are the bomb baby!!! The colours from left to right are: Berry Ice Cream, Chrysenthemum, Lime Lemonade and Owl. They are really lovely in terms of the colour and the sock weight. Nice job by Celia. And her service is excellent. Gotta check her out! I also got some goodies that I had ordered from Katie. Oh my god - they are more beautiful in person than they were on her blog. I saw and went over to her etsy even before I read the rest of her blog because I loved the bag so much. And okay, in my zeal to open the circular needle case (see below) I admit I did not re-tie the bow as nicely as Katie. I will have to take some lessons so I can get it right. They are so well hand crafted and just so perfect. You must go to her etsy. I will have to buy from her again. Thank you Katie! You so freaking rock! Then there was the surprise parcel. Well, not totally a surprise, because I knew she wouldn't let it go unresponded to when I sent her a package recently (which was like awesome because it was so unexpected and isn't that the best) and then when I read her post with the parcel to Canada part last week - well, I admit I felt it was possible. I have to say that I am by nature a very playful, loving and mischievious personality, and if I was truly loaded, I would definitely be one of those people who would strive to live to in a more philanthropic manner (because I believe money is just money). In emailing with Amanda over the past few months, and particularly when I was going to see Annie Modesitt, I decided to send her a few goodies - because that is my nature. And that is not to say that there won't be more of these packages; to whom I will not say. I am just so thankful about my life and I feel priviledged to have what I have and to have the love I have and all that jazz (must stop or I will get too mushy)...so I just like to do stuff. Just because I want to and not because I ever expect anything in return. So Amanda sent me a parcel. Nick and Ed were totally excited. She had put goodies in there for them - sugar for Nick (can you tell he is not happy with it??); the kid loves sugar and he loves anything, and I so mean anything, American. He loves the concept of bigger bags of candies and everything else. And yes, he has seen Supersize Me but then he always gets the goods from others; Ed and I figure that we are the ones who should take responsibility for his primary eating habits and keep an eye on how much he gets spoiled but he was totally beside himself. Ate his Sourz while watching the hockey game the last two nights (still has lots left!). Amanda sent some spicy spice for Ed (called "Slap Yer Mama" which is enticing enough but Ed is beside himself because he loves some good heat in his food). As long he isn't compelled to start slappin my mama.....Amanda also sent Ed a whole package of whole pralines (she had sent some pralines with her Grace squares and Ed was being finicky about their being broken although to my mind they probably taste the same...LOL. She also sent some Zatarain's although Carole made me promise we won't eat it until she comes to the farm in June. Maybe we will have a good 'ole fish feast with rice and salad. Mmmmmm.......I don't know if we can wait Carole! I would say she sent the best to me. 8 ounces of Crown Mountain Farms Corriedale Pencil Roving in Tourmelaine for me to spin with!!!! My first spinning roving gift. I haven't even gotten the wheel yet! It is on order. What a woman. I am so touched by her thoughtfulness. You are something special Amanda. Thank you my dear sweet friend, you are so wonderful.


amanda cathleen said...

WOW!! Look at all those goodies! Have to say I love the roving, your bag and the sock yarn looks scrumptious!! : )

Leah said...

Check it out! Those are some rockin' gifts! Amanda is the best! She surprise gifted me recently as well, and it was the perfect gift! Lucky you!!

Dorothy said...

Awesome gifts! What you send out somes back to you threefold.

amanda said...

You deserve it all! So glad I made Nick and Ed happy too :o)

Cathy said...

Oh Congratulations on all of your lovely goodies - I can't think of someone who deserves it more! :)

jackie said...

That roving is sooooo beautiful! You absolutely deserve every good thing that comes your way.

Miss Scarlett said...

Oh - that is all so great!

I cannot believe how much I love that bag! I just tried to order one of those circular knitting needle cases - but the site says no delivery to Canada :-{

I am hoping to work something out because it is such gorgeous work.

I am so happy to see Nick and Ed have some treats too!
Isn't American candy some of the best? And the sizes it comes in?!?

Take care.

Oooh and you have got to check out the Secret Pal 8 site - people have listed discounts to their shops etc. for people involved.
I have bought some yummy yarns and soaps for my Secret Pal and my One Skein Pal too.

Well worth checking out - since you know, you just can't buy enough knitting supplies!!

Katie said...

I'm so glad you like the bag and needlecase, Cynthia. You have made my day! And Amanda is something, isn't she? She really spoiled you!

Teyani said...

Amanda is a peach indeed ! I think we should keep her ! Your goodie boxes look amazing. Have fun with all the spice and sours :-)
Hope you are enjoying your new wheel !

Kathy said...

Cynthia, I have had a lot of fun reading through some of your blog!

That roving is gorgeous, I hope you enjoy the wheel when you get it.

I am about an hour from Gemini and visited it for the first time a few weeks ago too. I also had to do the trip into town to the bank! Boy do they have a fantastic place there huh!

Nick sounds like the kind of kid any mom would be lucky to have around. I loved reading his story, and I am glad he came back to you, it sounds like you know how to drag every single talent out of him. A boy that knits, thats awesome.


Samantha said...

Hi Cynthia -- I've tried to email you and I'm not sure if it's working or not. I know you're busy, so if you've got the email and haven't responded that's okay. Like I said I'm just not sure that it's going through to you.

Rhonda said...

Wow, such nice surprises these days. Love the packages ... even if you had to pay for them, hey? It's like Christmas isn't it? Hey, a lot has happened while I was away.... going to take me awhile to catch up. I got some packages also, but it'll take me awhile to post... so much to do, so much to do! Knit on!!