I have a secret; sort of(there are a few people who know this). I hate to finish. I love to knit but the finishing part is my big BIG downfall. I decided that I would share the evidence (maybe outing myself will push me onto finishing all that fills the basket of shame).

The basket of shame contains the items that are knitted and basically awaiting the sewing in of ends and blocking. This is not my smallish pile of UFO's; no no no - these are finished (mostly.....). The UFO's remain unfinished. The basket is out because I finished up the Four Panel Jacket for my mom this weekend - okay well I finished knitting the sweater. I had done the back, two of the sides and one sleeve and I decided (even though in Project Spectrum world it is pink/red month) that because my mom is back from Florida on April 2 I should just get it done. In two days I got the other two side panels and the other sleeve done. Yahoo! I should be happy - NOT! Now I have to sew it together and knit the outside edge (actually the knitting won't be so bad it's the sewing that I hate). I know I just need to suck it up and get it done so it will be ready by the time my mom gets back. It did make me think about all the other stuff in the basket of shame which should be finished up. This will qualify as article number one. So here is the list of items to be sewn up and blocked:

Article Number Two: The Oliver Sweater from Freedom (Twilleys of Stamford). I loved knitting this - the cotton is so soft. I finished knitting it up last August (and it has sat in the basket waiting to be sewn up). I even know how to sew up the stripes but have I finished it up yet? NOooooooooooo.

Article Number Three: Rigoletto Scarf

The scarf just needs to be blocked (the ends are already sewn in - not cut off but sewn in). Articles Four and Five: Headwrap and Scarf:

These both need a couple of ends sewn in and to be blocked. That's all. Have I done it? Nooo. The incredible thing about the Olympics may have been that I actually sewed in the ends of my shrug and my handwarmers before the closing ceremonies, not that I knit them. Article Number Six: Vest

I knit this little number in about 3 days last September. Knitting it up was a breeze. Ed could have used it over the winter. Probably about 1 hour of sewing in ends... and yet where is it?

In the basket of shame..... Article Number Seven: Flower Power Patchwork Blanket I put the heat on last summer to finish the panels. In fact I really worked my butt off to get the eight panels done in a matter of weeks. What is left?

I have to sew in the ends, sew together the panels, knit the edging and sew on about 64 knitted flowers. I still can't believe I haven't done it? I don't even know why I haven't finished it - BECAUSE I HATE FINISHING! Okay I know I am whining and I know I need to get this bloody thing done because when it is I will be so in love with it and it will look freaking amazing.

Articles Eight, Nine, Ten and Eleven: Four Pairs of Socks!

So how lame is this?? Four pairs of socks that only require a bit of sewing in. I finish them and throw them in a Ziploc bag in the basket and then just move onto the next one.

This is really bad I know and as I write this I think I should just not post and get finishing. I think that there is probably some value in public shame. I sincerely want to change my ways - I love knitting and I have always seen finishing as this tedious thing that I don't want to have to take care of. The socks are so ridiculous; such minor finishing and I haven't even attended to it.

If there was a hall of shame (for non-finishers) I could certainly have a spot on the wall!


Rhonda said...

Sounds like maybe you should take Wannietta's finishing class. Maybe she would help you get them done.

Cynthia said...

Sadly it is not for a lack of finishing skills (I have taken at least 3 courses and I do a good job); I think it is more of an initiative issue. I have been known to try and pawn off the finishing to others to do for me which is very bad I know.

Anny said...

Oh, dear! That's pretty serious. Once I finish the knitting, I usually can't wait to start sewing (often skipping blocking to get to it faster...I know, I know, blocking's important, blah, blah, blah ;0)

You can do it! Just think of all the cool stuff you could be wearing, girl!

BTW, I love rigoletto and socks number 11!

Julie said...

Now I know that you will have some things for Show and Tell at the weekend!! You better get them done or Bev will embarass you.